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Our Story

Jeff and Carla

Carla & Jeff are excited to have you all join us for our wedding ceremony. But first a little background on how we got here.


A few years ago Carla went to a Monopoly Tournament. It was completely by chance, as she was tagging along behind friends who had spontaneously decided to attend.

At the Monopoly Tournament, she noticed a guy who was cracking jokes at a nearby table. She thought he was very funny and hoped to be seated at one of his tables so she could meet him. This didn't happen, but he still stuck out in her memory.

A few years later, Carla noticed Jeff on a dating site. He hadn't been on for a few months, but she decided to take the chance and send him an email. A few weeks later he responded.

Carla had a very good feeling about Jeff. After going on a few dates with other duds, she decided to collect some courage and ask Jeff out for coffee. Jeff agreed and Carla was ecstatic.

Jeff was a bit confused as to whether these were dates. But after about the third date, they held hands at the movie theatre and Carla kissed Jeff goodnight.

After having fallen in love very quickly, Carla moved in with Jeff after only two months!

They have been together and enjoying themselves ever since.

A Video of Our Story